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Jolly good to see you here! We all know that the Terms and Conditions page isn’t the most exciting of reads, but we’ve done everything we can to make this page a fun place to familiarise yourself with how things work at BEABACKER, so please bear with us!

Ok, before we begin there’s only 1 thing you need to keep in mind…

When we say “BEABACKER”, “The Site”, “The Website” or “The Company”, “We”, “Our” or “Us”, We are referring to BEABACKER Ltd, Our Website and the services that We offer.

Now let’s get on with the show…

General Terms

These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the BEABACKER Website and Mobile Applications.

By using BEABACKER you agree to these terms. You acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms. You also agree to our any, every, and all other policies that we post on BEABACKER, including but not limited to our privacy policy and community guidelines.

From time to time, the legal geeks at BEABACKER will update the information found here. If and when we do plan to change these terms, we’ll notify you beforehand either by email or posting an announcement on The Site. If you continue to use BEABACKER after changes are put into place, we will assume acceptance of the new terms.

About our website…

Our Website is made up of user-generated content and whilst we promise to do our best to fight off the demons, we cannot be held responsible for the legality of the content/activity found or performed on Our Site.

If you find anything naughty, especially things that are either unlawful or not in keeping with our policies & guidelines, please report it here.

Since BEABACKER is a UK company, any disputes with us must be resolved in the UK under UK Law.

Setting up and running an Account:

You must be at least 13 years old to register for an account on Our Site but if you would like to pay (give a gift) or be paid (receive gifts) through our site, you must be at least 18 years old, or have your parents’ (or legal guardian’s) permission to do so!

It’s your job to provide us with accurate honest information when signing up for an account at BEABACKER. If we find out that you’re not playing by the rules, we reserve the right to shut down your account immediately without warning.

You are entirely responsible for your entire account, including the content you post on your profile. You are also responsible for the security of your account. If you suspect any kind of suspicious activity within your account, please report it here immediately.

User Conduct

BEABACKER is a platform that consists of content made by people like you! You are responsible for your own content so please be respectful of others and be sure to play by the rules of the Site. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts…



Don’t break the law or encourage others to break the law. This includes Intellectual property law too.

Be a good law-abiding citizen.

Don’t be a bully

Play nice – Free speech is fine, hate speech is not.

Don’t promote violence or hatred

Keep your messaging positive

Don’t use your Backers personal information unless express permission has been given

Do keep our privacy policy in mind – you’ve agreed to it by using our site!

Don’t post misleading content

Be honest and open

Don’t Impersonate someone else (lawsuits are expensive and not all that fun!)

Be yourself and be proud of it

Don’t create an account just to sit on a username or vanity URL.

Be sure to choose a vanity URL and username that is representative of who you are

Don’t use our website to maliciously

Be nice to our Website and its users.

Don’t falsely use our name as a way of endorsing your products or services (unless we’ve specifically agreed in writing)

Feel free to use the buttons and logos that we specifically provide to promote your BEABACKER page

Don’t speak badly of others and their use of BEABACKER

Concentrate on the positives to be had from being a part of the BEABACKER family

Don’t crawl or scrape any of the data found on BEABACKER

Do get in touch if you’d like to get approval to make a useful add-on service using our data

Don’t try to damage our Site or reverse engineer it

If you’re bug hunter, please get in touch. We may invite you to join our bug bounty programme.

Don’t infringe other people's copyright. Report any copyright infringements here: copyright@beabacker.com

Create awesome original content.

If you find anything naughty on our site, please report it here.

Becoming a Backer

To become a backer (or as we like to say, “To BEABACKER”), you can create an account either before gifting or during the gifting process. Creating an account will allow you to send messages and gifts to your favourite creators, and it also allows them to message you back!

There are two gift types to give through BEABACKER:

A “one-off” gift

This is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a one-off gift where the backer is charged just once, and the creator (or receiver) receives the gift, just once. Backers are charged immediately if this option is chosen.

A “regular-thing” gift (subscription)

If the backer is feeling super generous and wishes to give a gift that keeps on giving, they’re able to set up a “subscription” style gift, where funds are scheduled to pass from their payment account into the receivers account on a regular basis. Backers are able to set the gifting frequency and amount. If this option is selected, Backers are charged immediately, followed by recurring payments on the weekly/monthly/annual anniversary of the original pledge date (depending on the gifting frequency chosen). Backers may cancel their subscription gifts at any time.

Let’s get one thing straight: The gifts you see on BEABACKER aren’t real “physical” goods. So, we don’t physically send any goods directly to the receiver...

Each gift has an associated price tag, and the monetary value paid for each gift is sent from the backer to the receiver (minus any associated fees such as our payment providers small payment processing fee). The receiver is under no obligation to use the funds to buy the item being gifted to them; Creators may use the funds however they like, but we do encourage all receivers to use funds in a way which enables them to keep doing what they’re doing (or to do the same thing, just bigger and better)!

You can think of the BEABACKER gifting process like this… It’s a pleasant, friendly way of showing your appreciation: Would you rather offer someone a coffee, or hand over a couple of scrunched up dollar bills?... Both gestures result in the same outcome, but one feels good while the other feels… kinda awkward.

Money and TAX

All of the money sent in the gifting process will go straight to the creators’ account, minus a small payment processing fee charged by our payment processor. BEABACKER do not charge a platform fee, there are no membership fees, and we do not take a cut of donations received.

If you would like to support the platform, please consider leaving us a tip as part of the gifting process. Alternatively, you can buy us a gift over at www.beabacker.me/beabacker

We do not offer refunds on any payments, but we do reserve the right to grant refunds at our sole discretion.

You are responsible for paying any applicable taxes. If you are unsure of what these taxes might be, we would encourage you to speak to a specialist since we are unable to advise on legal issues.

Creator Accounts

To become a creator, simply sign up for a creator account, or select the “become a creator” tab within your backer account dashboard!

The process of setting up your BEABACKER profile page takes as little as 90 seconds, and then you’ll be ready to start accepting gifts from your backers! If you already have a backer account, you can upgrade to a creator account via your BEABACKER Dashboard.

When a backer gives you a gift, it will be held in your stripe account for roughly 7 days before being sent onward to your bank account automatically.

All of the money sent to you in the gifting process will go straight to your account, minus a small payment processing fee charged by our payment processor. BEABACKER do not charge a platform fee, there are no membership fees, and we do not take a cut of donations received.

Creators on BEABACKER come from all over the world. As a result, it’s not feasible for us to deal with the taxes that your BEABACKER funds may be subject to, so you’re responsible for reporting any taxes. However, our payment provider may be able to help with some of the heavy lifting, and they may (from time to time) attempt to collect certain information from you, such as your Tax Identification Number wherever they are required to by law.

If you think any of your Backers are under the age of 18, please explicitly instruct them that that need to have their Legal Guardian’s permission to send gifts. Anyone under the age of 13 cannot pay or be paid via BEABACKER.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… BEABACKER is a platform. Our Website is made up of user-generated content and whilst we promise to do our best to fight off the demons, we cannot be held responsible for the legality of the content/activity found or performed on Our Site.

We’re trying to make our platform better all of the time. In that respect, we reserve the right to add and remove features to the platform, and we may even run tests on random subsets of our user’s accounts, but we’ll let you know if we determine the tests to be significantly different from those under the terms and conditions that you’ve agreed to.

Sometimes things go wrong. We’ll do our best to provide as little downtime as possible, but we cannot provide any kind of warranty for our service.

So long as we have your permission to do so, we may ask other websites to verify information about your BEABACKER Account, or to perform other actions on your behalf.

Our liability:

If you lose money as a result of using BEABACKER, we cannot be held responsible. To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable to you for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of these terms, or your use or attempted use of BEABACKER. To the extent permitted by law, our liability for damages is limited to the amount of money we have earned through your use of BEABACKER. We are specifically not liable for loss associated with failure to deliver anything you have promised to your backers and from losses caused by conflicting contractual agreements.

For this clause “we” and “our” is defined to include our affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents and third-party service providers.

You will indemnify us from all losses and liabilities (including legal fees) from any cases that arise as a result of your misuse of our platform. In other words, if we get sued because of something you’ve done, you’ll have to [help] pay for it. This is also the case if our affiliates or any other stakeholder to our company gets sued as a result of your wrongdoing.

If you’d like to dispute something, please get in touch here.

Remove/Delete/Disable your account:

You can delete your account at any point. Simply head over to your account page, scroll to the bottom, and click “Delete Account”, then follow the instructions to finalise the decision. Please be aware that this process is irreversible and all

We may continue to store certain information about your account after account deletion for legal purposes.

As a backer, any recurring payments will be cancelled on the day you requested for your account to be deleted.

As a creator, after deleting your account any recurring payments to you will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to remove your account at our discretion, and these terms remain in effect even after your account is removed.

Our content:

Please don’t use BEABACKER’s content without our permission. We have a marketing pack with various logos, text, pictures, videos and other media assets that you’re welcome to use to promote your BEABACKER page. Please don’t reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of our content unless you have our permission in writing – it’s our copyright.

If you see anyone using our copyright material incorrectly, please report them to us via copyright@beabacker.com. If you have had your account removed due to a copyright infringement claim and would like to appeal, please email appeal@beabacker.com

If you have any legal questions, get in touch via legal@beabacker.com.

If you need to reach us for any reason, please contact us:




114 Clifton Road

These terms are Effective as of 14th December 2018. These terms were last updated on 16th December 2018.