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Nic and Andrea Hills


We are full time resellers in the UK. We earn a living by selling items online & buy our stock from car boot sales, auctions, jumble sales, anywhere really. We stared sharing what we do about 5 years ago, hoping we might inspire a few people to try reselling. Slowly but surely our youtube channel has grown to almost 20,000 subscribers, and it has become a huge part of our lives. Supporting our channel allows us to give more time to creating content to help and inspire others.

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Thank you so much for choosing to 'be a backer' Your support allows us to dedicate more time to creating videos & blog posts, to continue sharing our successes and failures, hints, tips, hauls and sales. We hope to improve the quality of our content, with better equipment, and be able to give the channel more time. We hope our videos have helped to inspire or entertain you and that we can continue to do so for many years yet :) We really appreciate you support, Thanks Nic & Andrea